It seems that I am enamoured with unique vehicles. The ones on this page are not exactly collector's items, but they are not all that common, for various reasons. As for the bikes, I think initial price was the limiting factor, and the Avenger kit car is not something everyone built.

2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1

My new pride & joy! 300+ horsepower and torque output, with a tight suspension makes this car a thrill ride out of the box. This model brings retro styling with the "shaker" functional hood scoop, and interior styling from the golden age of the American muscle car, to modern performance from a race-tuned suspension powered by a modular fuel injected 4.6 liter (281 CI) 32 valve DOHC aluminum block motor. Learn more about this very cool special edition Mustang at the Mach 1 Registry


1988 Honda Hawk GT (NT 650)

The Bird of prey in it's native state
Loaded for the trip to Key West
The Hawk is unique because of its single-sided swingarm, twin plugs per cylinder V-twin engine, and very wide rear tire. Frame is twin-main-spar brushed aluminum structure with a steel rear sub-frame. The engine is a stressed member. This little bike is one of those that did not make it in the market due to high initial price, but is a great find in the used market. Plenty of zip from the 647 cc motor, light weight, high ground clearance, low Cg and mildly aggressive steering geometry make it a blast to take through the mountains. If you get a chance to pick one up, don't hesitate. You will be glad you did.



The Avenger has been sold. Thanks to all the people who have written me with info...
This fiberglass kit body was based loosely on the Ford GT40 race car from the mid 1960's. The GT40 took 1,2, and 3 at the 1966 LeMans race, whooping up on Ferrari. Mine was bolted over a 1963 VW bug with a 1600 cc pancake motor. The original was somewhat quicker...


'91 Yamaha WR200 Dirt Bike

Originally designed as a Dual-Sport for Europe, this very quiet 2 stroke has a powerband like a 4 stroke, and a six-speed gearbox. A very nice all-around off-roader. My buddies with YZ's and CR's are jealous of it for woods riding. It was only sold in the US for a couple years as an off-road only bike, and lacked the oil injection system the euro bikes got. Another rare, but desirable machine.

'99 Ford F150 4X4 "Sport"

My first full-size truck. It is pretty nice, and goes anywhere I point it. I have some specs and other info, just click the pic!