Outworld Promise (chapter two)

(formerly "A Little Story")

Posted 11 July 96

Max does some learning.
Some things are tough to take.

Max flinched as the grey Flyer forced him to duck. "Everything up and up is faster!," he thought. But he was fitting in fine, he figured. It was so easy for Max, because he is smart. Kira told him that once right after he had helped the rough Big move the glow. Kira did not care for moving the glow, but she admired how well Max had done with his helping. After the Big and Max had finished, she had come to Max and said, "You are as smart as a Big, Max! "You could probably move the glow by yourself, if the Big would let you."

"Maybe some day, Kira, but I still need to do the helping for a while," he had told her then. But right now, Max was thinking he could move the glow and more! He felt like he could do anything, in fact.

Max soared around and around. He di>Max soared around and around. He did not understand how he did it, but he just knew how. He looked down on the Bigs, who were feeding, and he saw a Hopper come close to inside and then turn and hop away when the Bigs moved. "Wait until I tell Kira about this," he thought. "She will think I am so good! "She will be so happy for me!"

Max was happy as he dropped closer to the Bigs. He could hear them, they were telling each other about the Hopper, and they told each other about the Outworld, and they told and told. Max was glad he could know what they were telling. He told the Bigs where he was, and they looked up at him, and watched him. "They look happy," thought Max. "I think I am making them that way, I'm sure I am!"

Just then, the sound came. It was a bad sound, loud and bad! Max started down, slowly at first, but getting faster. He went down faster and faster, and spun around as he did. His chest thumped faster, too. Max thrashed his movers, back and forth, side to side, but he still went down! "Why didn't his movers work?," he thought in terror. Max was very scared, and tried to make something happen, but down he went. As he looked down, he saw the dark, and it stayed far away. His breath was short and quick, his chest thumped, the dark changed to colors and back as he fell into it.

"Brother!," Kira pleaded. "Max!" She was far away, buShe was far away, but getting closer. Max felt his front movers hit something solid, and his back movers jabbed into something soft and warm. "Ouch!," cried his sister. "Max, Stop!, "You're hurting me!"

As the world spun back around into focus, the dark became light and stayed that way. Max was both relieved and sad. Relieved that he was not hurt in the falling, but sad because he wasn't a Flyer now. He was back to his own look. The fog cleared from his head as Kira said, "Max, those dreams can't be good for you." Dreams! He was only sleeping and dreaming he was a Flyer! "It was so real," he thought, disappointed. "Besides," she continued, "You kicked me and that's not good for me!"

"I'm sorry, Kira," Max replied. "I was a Flyer! "I was trying to use my movers to stop the falling, but they didn't work. "I was so scared, and I kicked harder and harder. "I didn't see you."

"Your dream was not a happy one, then? "I thought dreaming you were a Flyer would make you happy."

"Oh, Yes!, he exclaimed. "It was wonderful! "I could hear the Bigs tell about the Hopper, and I could tell them things, and I could look down on everything, and there were other Flyers there, and..."

"Alright, Max, slow down! "You're getting all excited again. "Tellxcited again. "Tell me about the falling."

"Oh, yeah, OK," he said. "There was a loud, bad sound. "I guess that was when I started to wake up."

"Yes, I heard it too. "It sounded like something hit the clear."

"A Flyer!" exclaimed Max. "A Flyer must have hit it!" With that, Max bounded to the clear, and looked. There in Outworld was the smooth Big, and a Flyer was down. Max felt sad again, because the Flyer didn't move, and because he could not hear the Big like in his dream. The Big was making sounds, and so Max made sounds of his own. The Big looked at him, made some sounds, then went back to making sounds at the Flyer. The rough Big was there now, and they were both making sounds. Max wished the sounds could tell him things, but most of the sounds didn't tell.

Max looked down at the Flyer. It was hurt, he knew. Maybe hurt bad, since it did not move. This was as close as he had ever seen a Flyer. Max studied it as the Bigs went about making sounds, then moving the Flyer. The Flyer only moved when the rough Big moved it. Max had seen Buzzers inside before which did not move, and Max would move them, but they wouldn't ever move alone. That's how the Flyer looked now. Max thought how he loved the Flyers so much, he hoped it would move again on its own, but somehow he knew it wouldn't. Max had another thought. If it was like ought. If it was like one of the Buzzers, maybe Buzzers grew into Flyers. This caused Max to wonder if he would be a Flyer after all when he did finally get to Outworld. "Maybe only Buzzers get to be Flyers," he thought. No, he would not let that be. He was sure he would be one in Outworld, just like in his dreams. He promised himself that if he did become a Flyer, he would not fly at the clear!

Max tried to make some Flyer sounds, trying to get the flyer to move, or make sounds. It just layed there. Then the rough Big took the Flyer away. Max knew then that the Flyer would not move anymore, since Flyers never let Bigs get that close. Max sighed and climbed down. He went to one of his favorite places in the warm, and layed down. But he did not sleep. He just layed there and thought how sad about the Flyer, and how he wasn't sure he would get to be one, and if he did, whether he would get hurt. Kira kissed him, and reminded him it was time for feeding, but he was not hungry now. He had a strange feeling in his middle that would not go away.

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