Updated 29 April, 1997 The ones near the bottom have aged the longest, but they aren't necessarily smoother!
"Taking a bite of the Apple" A WinTel user speaks out for the Newton.
"Outworld Promise" A simple story about simple creatures in a complex world.
"What is your problem?" Too many people think they know what's best for all of us...
"Wasting away in 'Net-ville" The 'Net: It's not just for wasting time anymore...
"General rambling is sometimes best" Nielsens Schmielsens, etc.
"Macs, Harleys, and the people who love them." Be cool, whatever you ride.
"Please, Mr. President!" Don't censor Us! (He is trying)
"Steve Jobs: Visionary or what?" Just because you're paranoid...
"The Web: Sewert="main">"The Web: Sewer or Source?" Content is in the eye of the beholder.
"Yes, Virginia, Christmas is too commercial" History can be re-written. So can religious dogma.
"Fat Pipes, Fibers, and Foolishness" Are the suits blind?
"Strong Cryptography and You" Privacy should not be a crime!
"Happy holidays?" How do you cope?
"Privacy and the On-Line Den Mothers" Let's leave a legacy of freedom.
"Essential Personnel" How important is your job?
"A discussion of the future..." Uncle John eyes the crystal ball...